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Epic EF-P9100FK 5way to Open Finger Print Door Lock

Epic EF-P9100FK 5way to Open Finger Print Door Lock

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Push & Pull Digital Door Lock 

Epic Lock Model No. ES-P9100FK(B)

  • Up to 100 Fingerprints / Up to 100 RFID Cards can be registered 
  • Guest Pin Number registration (One-Time Pin Number)
  • Auto-Lock, Re-Lock, Double Lock Function for user convenience & security
  • Random Number and Multi-touch Features that enhance Pin Number security
  • In case of emergency, use the mechanical key to open the door
  • Home Network, Remote Control and Wi-Fi Bridge (Optional)

Epic ES-P9100FK (B) 5 Way to Open Finger Print, Bluetooth, RF Card, Mechanical Key, Keypad Password

ES-P9100FK (B) Fingerprint Authentication Normal Pin & Guest Pin Number Fingerprint Individual Registration Fingerprint Individual Delete Fingerprint All-at-once Registration Fingerprint All-at-once Delete Dual-Mode Security Feature Pin & RFID Card Authentication Pin & RFID Card Individual Registration Pin & RFID Card All-at-once Registration Pin & RFID Card Individual Delete Pin & RFID Card All-at-once Delete Internal Force Lock Feature Multi-Touch Feature Random Number Feature Automatic Lock Setting Manual Lock Setting Fire Alarm Anti-Hacking Alarm Anti-Prank Alarm 1 Minute Lock Deadbolt Error Alarm Low Battery Alarm Emergency Battery Volume Setting Mute Setting Remote Control Feature Home Network Feature Mechanical Key Feature Push Pull Operation Bluetooth & Bluetooth Bridge Feature


  • Product Dimension : Front Body : 90(W) X 384(H) X 78(D)mm Back Body : 88(W) X 386(H) X 79(D)mm
  • Applicable Door Thickness : 40mm ~ 50mm
  • Applicable Door Material : Wood, Aluminum
  • Authentication Method : Fingerprint, Pin Number, RFID Card, Mechanical Key, Bluetooth
  • Power Supply : DC 6V LR6 1.5V AA Sized Alkaline Battery 8EA
  • Emergency Battery : DC 9V Alkaline Battery (Sold Separately)
  • Fire Sensor : 72 Degrees +/- 5 Degrees (Testing Room), 62 Degrees +/- 5 Degrees (Normal Room)
  • Material : Front Body : AL, ZN, ABS, Back Body : ZN, ABS
  • Accessories : 2 Key / 2 RFID Epoxy / 2 RFID ISO
  • Registrations : 1 Pin Number (Normal), 1 Guest Pin Number, Up to 100 Fingerprints, Up to 100 RFID Cards


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