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Ezviz EB8 4G 2K Pan & Tilt 4G Battery Camera

Ezviz EB8 4G 2K Pan & Tilt 4G Battery Camera

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Make 360° protection mobile and reliable

  • Now, it’s easier than ever to put security in action in the places you care about most. EZVIZ’s newest camera overcomes installation limitations caused by networks or electricity. The EB8 4G is battery-powered with no strings – or cords – attached. It operates on 4G LTE networks in the outdoors where Wi-Fi may not be available. It also inherits key features from EZVIZ's popular outdoor pan & tilt predecessors to provide smart and reliable protection 24/7.

Product Specification : 

  • 4G Connectivity
  • Device GPS Location Viewing
  • 2K Resolution
  • Panoramic View
  • Extra-Large Battery Capacity (10,400 mAh)
  • Smart Human Motion Detection
  • Two-Way Talk
  • Color Night Vision
  • Active Defense with Siren and Strobe Light
  • Weatherproof Design
  • Works with EZVIZ Solar Panel (Type-C Version) for Battery Charging
  • Supports MicroSD Card (Up to 512 GB) & EZVIZ CloudPlay Storage

Made for the great outdoors

Wi-Fi and power can be a headache when it comes to outdoor protection. The EB8 4G changes the game by operating with a large battery and 4G network. The camera is weatherproof against rain and snow, and can stay charged using sunlight through a compatible solar panel.

  • Extended Connectivity with 4G LTE
  • Weatherproof for the Outdoors
  • Supports Charging via Solar, Green Energy

With 4G, it’s portable & mobile

Wi-Fi coverage will no longer be a problem when finding that perfect location to install the EB8 4G. Just install the camera any place with a 4G LTE connection, and move it to another spot whenever you need. Micro SIM Card, Nano to Micro Card Adapter Included

Note : The camera does not support using Wi-Fi network. A Micro Sim card and a cellular data plan is needed to use the camera. If you need to use a Nano SIM card, please use the included card adapter to convert it to the Micro size first.

Know where your camera is with the built-in GPS

Even if you lose your camera in the wilderness or the woods, it won't be lost thanks to the GPS locator function.

Large battery capacity, with eco-friendly charging options

The EB8 4G is 100% wire-free with built-in rechargeable batteries³. Going even further into the realm of sustainable green energy, this camera can be connected to an EZVIZ Solar Panel⁴ to harness the power of the sun.

A sharp, smart eye that goes around your property

1 Smarter detections for essential activities

The EB8 4G is designed to provide smart notifications on detected activities. You can set the camera to detect all kinds of motion – including running animals – or enable the smart human motion feature to auto-track human activities.

Smart Human Motion Detection | Auto-Tracking | Customizable Detection Zones | No Subscription Fee

2 360° plus 2K, for far less blind spots

A bigger space needs a wider view, and that’s where the EB8 4G comes in handy. It can pan and tilt to take in a 360-degree field-of-view, and render details in 2K resolution to capture crucial moments clearly.

3 One click return to the preset location

No matter how complicated the tracking is, the camera always knows it’s way back to your preferred viewing angle. You can pinpoint up to 12 angles via the EZVIZ App. Just click on your pre-set dots and the camera will automatically resume its place.

See every detail in color, from day to night

Black-and-white images are now history. The EB8 4G uses its built-in spotlight to restore the colorful beauty of its natural surroundings, even when it’s late at night. It would be very difficult to sneak in under the cover of darkness with the EB8 standing guard.

A vigilant guard who works around the clock

The camera features an active defense function to provide an extra layer of protection. Upon detection of intruders, the camera will flash a spotlight⁶ to let uninvited visitors know they have been detected.

Speak to uninvited visitors using just your smartphone

Enjoy two-way communications by simply using your phone. Or, pre-record specific voice messages that automatically play when people are detected on camera.

Smart integration, hands-free control

Easily manage your EB8 4G via the EZVIZ App. What’s better, you can voice-enable the live viewing with “Hey Google” or “Alexa” to check what’s happening on a bigger screen.

Large, safe storage options that you can trust

You can secure your recorded videos on a local microSD card of up to 512 GB, or subscribe to EZVIZ CloudPlay for fully-encrypted cloud storage.

Enhanced viewing pleasure with smaller video files

Compared to the prevailing H.264 video compression technology, H.265 creates a more fluid viewing experience with recorded videos. Meanwhile, you won’t have to worry about large video files taking up too much of your storage space – H.265 technology reduces their sizes by up to 50%.

One app for everyday, everything

  • EZVIZ App will always connect you to your home, even if you are far away from it.
  • Instant Alert
  • Remote Control
  • Live View with 8× Zoom
  • Detection Zone
  • Video History
  • Connected Home
  • Please note that the EB8 4G camera only operates with a 4G network and does not work with a Wi-Fi connection. The list of supported regions and carriers is continually updated; please find the full list at ezviz.com.
  • The GPS function is able to run properly only when the camera is installed in an open, outdoor environment. If you install the camera in an indoor space inside a building, the GPS may not function properly.
  • The camera battery life may vary due to the stability and/or signal strength of network carriers, environmental factors, and the frequency of camera activities.
  • The solar panel is not included in the kit. Currently the EZVIZ EB8 4G supports connecting with EZVIZ’s specific solar panels with type-C charging ports. Please verify compatibility before making a purchase.
  • Local storage cards must be purchased separately. Cloud storage service is only available in certain markets. Please verify availability before making any purchase.
  • The spotlight will not flash when the Color Night Vision mode is enabled.
  • Data from EZVIZ Lab’s test results under standard conditions. The video compression efficiency will vary with the frequency and complexity of the activity captured, as well as other environmental factors.
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