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Hidden Audio Video Recorder in Spy Wristband

Hidden Audio Video Recorder in Spy Wristband

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Secret Video Camera in Wristband

Product introduction

Thanks for choosing our product. The product is the world's first wearable bracelet vidicon with HD 1080P recording and external storage capabilities. It supports large capacity Micro SD card, has a variety of practical functions, exquisite appearance, stable quality and wide range of applications, which will bring you a brand new user experience. The main functions of product include: high-definition video recording, one-key continuous photography, separate sound recording, recording while charging, and a portable disk. The product can be applied to: interview, life record, entertainment and leisure record, sport record, teaching record, home security, law enforcement, outdoor adventure record and so on. 

Hidden Audio Video Recorder in Spy Wristband

User Manual of HD1080P Wearable Bracelet Camera

Ill. Products Features

  • Exquisite paint process, excellent workmanship.
  • High light-sensitive lens, low-light recording.
  • Support 1920*1080, 30 ps video recording.
  • Small type and wearable design, simple and easy to carry and install.
  • Operation with vibrating alert, man-machine interaction, perfect contact.
  • Built-in safe and high capacity polymer battery

IV. Product Installation Right to wear

V. Operating Instruction of Products

1. Charging

There is a built-in a rechargeable lithium battery in this product. Please charge the battery with a charger before use: You can charge by connecting the charger with a USB data line. The red light flashes when charging. (Charging about 3 hours full of electricity)

2. Starting up Insert a TF card in the vidicon, and press and hold the K1 key for about 2 seconds. The red and blue indicator lights are on . Then it enters into standby mode.

3. Recording Press K1 key in the standby mode. The red and blue lights will go out after the red light flashes for three times. Meanwhile, start to record video. When press the K1 key again, the red and blue lights will be on, and stop recording and return to the standby mode.

4. Taking pictures Press the K2 key in the standby mode. The blue light will flash for three times, takes three pictures continuously, and then return to the standby mode.

5. Separate Sound Recording Press and hold the K2 key for about one second in the standby mode. The red and blue lights will go out after the blue light flashes for three times. and start to record sound. Press the K2 key again, the red and blue lights will be on, stop recording sound and return to the standby mode.

6. Record While Charging

Insert a TF card in vidicon, and connect it to the charger via a USB data line,Into the normal state of charge, at this point by clicking the K1 button, return to the standby mode. Keep the normal use of K1 and K2 keys. (This product doesn't support loop video recording. Please change or clean the memory card when it is full.)

7. Shutdown

After the vidicon starts up, press and hold K1 key for about 2 seconds in any function mode and the red and blue lights will go out, which means it has been shut down. If the vidicon shuts down during the video or sound recording, the file recorded at the time will be saved automatically. When the memory card doesn't work or it cannot be detected, the vidicon will shut down after the blue light flashing for 5 times

Notes : When the memory card of the vidicon is full, the vidicon will stop and shut down automatically. Please connect it to computer to delete some contents or change the memory card.

8. Computer Camera Function

This product can be used as a UVC computer camera. Connect it to computer, and press the power key after the computer reads the card. The "Mobile HDD" Mobile HDD will turn to a "USB Video Equipment". It can be used when you double click the "USB Video USB Video Equipment Equipment" (When insert a memory card). When you do not insert a memory card, you can directly connect to the computer;

9. Time Modification and Setting Up

Insert a TF card in the apparatus, Boot, the memory card will ert automatically generate a "Time.txt" file, connect to the computer, modify the TXT file inside the date and time "23:59:59 2015-01-01", and then save the file.e, exit the hardware safely. Start up, and the setting-up of time will be finished.

VI. Specification Parameters

  • Video Format : AVI
  • Video Coding : M-JPEG
  • Video Resolution : 1920*1080
  • Video Frame Rate : 30fps
  • Physical Pixel : 2560*1440
  • Picture Format : JPG
  • Voice Format : WAV
  • Media Player Software :  Built-in software of operation system or mainstream media player
  • System : Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista; WIN7 Mac os: Linux:
  • Battery Power : 350mA
  • Charging Voltage : DC-5V
  • Storage Support :  Micro SD (TF card) maximum 32GB

VIl. Cautions

a) Usage occasion: please strictly obey the relevant national laws to use this product, it is forbidden to use it for any illegal purposes.

b) Battery: the working time of battery becomes shorter with the increase of using time. Please fully charge the battery before using after a long time unused.

c) File Security: the product is non-professional storage device, so it cannot ensure the integrity and security of internal storage file. Please backup your important files on computer or other storage devices in time. Other Matters: the product belongs to precise electronic product. Please keep it away from strong shock and vibration. Do not use it in high-intensity magnetic field or strong electrical field.

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